Staying true to simplicity and elegance
is the essence of Kilsgaard. It is our Danish heritage,
it runs in our veins, less is always more
except when we talk about passion.

Passion drives all we do and when we design
eyewear, we design great looks for the people we
love and care about. We don’t follow trends and
dogmas to be hip or fashionable, but stay grounded in
simply elegant design, which never goes out of style.

We believe in creating evergreens: classic, yet
contemporary and urban design. We really love it,
when design lasts for decades, when you don’t grow
tired of looking at its beauty or details.

So we stay true to our designs and develop it in new materials,
colors and even transform the best shapes into
sun shades as well.

To be frank, we find the look of Kilsgaard to be among
the best in eyewear; we are proud of our style, the
fine details and the subtle coloration. Why have we
made a special design, you might ask, or why have
we chosen a precious color? The answer is straightforward:
because it looks great! Because we love it!
It’s all about passion!

We strive to respect our Nordic roots while keeping our
eyes focussed on emerging, vibrant trends on the
international scene. With great pride,
we also present our new campaign.

Hope you’ll be inspired as well
and fall in love with Kilsgaard. We are here for you.
With love and respect