The first creations Frédéric Beausoleil were born in 1987, in Paris, in a workshop of lunette craftsman. Today, Frédéric Beausoleil glasses are always made with respect and transmission of this ancestral know-how.

Frédéric Beausoleil is distinguished by the strength and singularity of his biases. A delicate and visionary spirit, weaving tradition and inspiration of the moment.

Collections crossed aesthetic excursions, a retro chic style with unusual design, here is the bold bet of Frédéric Beausoleil.


“To create is to impose oneself!” To impose on oneself the respect of the beautiful work and to impose itself in the search for a style to offer to the look a different signature, a new allure. inspiration, then the study of exclusive materials in the service of an elegant and refined form … Finally, the color, always more colors!

Simple and refined collections that mix codes, like their demanding clientele. Each season is an opportunity to recover in search of new functional, technical and aesthetic innovations. “


Frédéric Beausoleil

Frederic Beausoleil