About Our Optical Shop

At Oracle Eyewear, helping people see is a passion. With over 56 years of combined experience, we began working in the family Eye Care Business as refracting optician. Oracle Eyewear carries a varying range of boutique-style spectacle frames & sunglasses that you won’t find at most optical shops. Our Experienced Optician discuss design concepts, product materials and values with most of the optical designers selected. Oracle Eyewear has an  extensive selection of distinctively optical focus designed and high-quality spectacles and sunglasses that are suitable to your face shape, fashionable and provide comfort as well as durability. Our OPTICAL shop will meet all your eyecare needs.

Whether it’s your first time wearing glasses or you are a lifelong eyeglass wearer trying to find your next perfect spectacle frame and sunglasses, Oracle Eyewear’s dedicated optician is here to help. Our optometrists/opticians constantly stays up to date with the latest trends in fashionable eyewear, spectacles & sunglasses. Our opticians constantly seeks out the latest lens technology for our eyes. The demand on our eyes are more so than ever in this digital age with High Energy Visible Blue Light. Not all Progressive Additional Lenses and Computer Task Lenses are made the same. Oracle’s opticians thrive in challenging/complex prescription. Passionate about cutting edge and technical frames, sunglasses .

Gouverneur Audigier Rimless Collection (Vision Expo East)
Selecting Timeless Gouverneur Audigier Collection 1878
Discussing design concept with founder and designer Jacob Kilsgaard at Vision Expo East
Meeting ic! berlin founder designer Ralph Anderl at Vision Expo East

Our Optical Dispensing Story

We specialize in athletic eyewear & prescription sport sunglasses, particularly when it comes to understanding the specific needs of the athletes involved in different sports. Our experienced working with adidas eyewear has contributed to understanding the vision requirements of athletes; golfers, cyclists, runners, skiers and snowboarders. For example, our sporty technical optician recognizes golfers needs for eyewear and sunglasses is completely different than that of cyclists, skiers or snowboarders. In depth knowledge of tints to offer and suggest wrap around & high contrast, depth perception lenses for GOLF, SNOW SPORTS and CYCLING. Fitting and dispensing prescription goggles and wrap around sunglasses for cyclists, motor-cyclists, skiers & snowboarders is our specialty.

At Oracle Eyewear our optician understands that one size does not fit all. We combine our diverse backgrounds from years of experience as refracting optician to working with professional athletes. Technical progressive lens trained to trouble shoot lens choice, fitting and modification. **Latest NON INVASIVE Myopia Control D.I.M.S technology. Clinically proven to slowing down myopia progression by 60% for young children to late teens.** Oracle Eyewear is your trusted eyecare professionals (ECPs). Our experienced and as a post refractive surgery optician is always ready to help and we specialize in fitting progressive lenses from Essilor, Hoya, Nikon, Shamir & Zeiss. Our well traveled optician takes pride in selecting unique frames & sunglasses, tailored perfectly to custom fit your personal style. The exclusive collection of eyewear and sunglasses in store have been selected for individuals who appreciate the artistic expression and quality of eyewear. We cater to discerning eyeglass wearers who consider themselves “Connoisseurs of Eyewear”.

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