Just a brief note to let you know how I appreciated your professionalism and your generosity today when I stopped by your venue. I was astonished by your warm welcome and casual approach. I enjoyed having a brief guided tour of your eyewear selections. I wish you success, prosperity and abundance in your new endeavour.
France Theriault-Martin
Our refracting optician born with complex prescription started wearing glasses at 7 years young. His refracting optician father had to send him to an ophthalmologist. Had been a Lasik refractive surgery patient for 16 years with presbyopia he understands the complexity of one's prescription.
To those interested in Eyewear: I have been a customer of Oracle Eyewear for close to 10 years. There are some people who have collect shoes or sweaters but after my exposure to Oracle, I have become a collector of eyewear; every colour, shape or size that may suit my chosen style for the day. This may sound arrogant or shallow but in fact it has only been made possible by the expertise that Oracle provides in my eye care. Their understanding of the eye, the things that matter in your eye care; from the prescription to the lens material to the frame construction and balancing your individual needs based on your lifestyle and work environment. Oracle connections with labs and innovative lens producers have given them the ability to present me with various options that I otherwise I would never have been able to access. As an example, the nature of my prescription has prevented me from having sunglasses that are suitable for properly protecting my eyes while cycling and after a couple of weeks of research, Oracle came to me with a solution that not only achieved my objectives but exceeded them in everyway. When I have a fitting issue or a frame issue, Oracle has provided prompt and efficient service that has ensure that my time without any pair of glasses is minimal. It wasn’t long before my wife was converted as well and although she isn’t a collector of glasses, she knows who to see when she has a eye wear issue. To Oracle Eyewear, thank you for your ongoing support and interest in presenting effective and innovative eye wear and eye care
Steven Holmes